The Shadow Sister – My Review

Well the third book in the series of The Seven Sisters did not disappoint.  It was truly mesmerising, beautifully written with such detail that you are transported to both past and present.

I loved the fact that the story encompassed not only a King but Beatrix Potter too.  The detail was exquisite making you feel part of the era.  You not only experienced the personal emotions of Flora and Mrs Keppel, but also got a flavour for the society in which they lived, which certainly was not a bed of roses.

As for the present time characters, l fell in love with the old fashioned Orlando, the voice that my mind conjured was truly spot on for his eccentricities, which perfectly fitted his occupation – book shop owner (of rare books) and lover of all things book related.  I certainly loved the fact that there were references to classic authors such as Jane Austen and Bronte.  And not to forget the classic book Anna Karenina.

Mouse comes across as self-centred, but has his moments, moments where you need to re-read just to clarify you have the right character – Mouse.

Star, the main character is on a journey to discover who she is, where she has come from, and where she belongs.  Star is very quiet, mainly because her sister Ce Ce has always done the talking for her, so much so that her other sisters have worried about where Ce Ce finishes and Star begins.  Will Star be able to make this journey without her sister, can she be separated from her sister, can she make her way on her own?

The added touch of mythology made a particular character become endearing to me.

And still, l get the feeling that all is not what it seems, that there is another story quietly simmering away in the back ground, l just can not put my finger on it.  But love the mystery that is surrounding it.

I wait, impatiently, for the next book in the series.