My review – The Seven Sisters

A beautifully written book about the first of seven sisters.

Each one of the sisters has been adopted by their father Pa Salt.  And upon his death leaves each of the sisters a clue as to their true heritage.

This is Maia story……..

Maia, although, unsure whether or not to go in search of her heritage receives an unwelcome telephone message which prompts her to flee her beautiful childhood home – Atlantis – temporarily, and runs to her past.

Her heritage is that of beauty, tinged with sadness and forbidden love.

The layers of the story are beautifully detailed, they transport you to the era in which they were written for.  You are totally emersed in the surroundings (through the detail – which are exquisite), and feel yourself morph into the main characters of each layer.   Their heartache – becomes your heartache, the danger of the repercussions for their action is felt by yourself, the twists and turns of the roller coaster ride that their emotions take throughout the book – become yours and much, much more.

Was it right for Maia to unearth her past, or should she have not gone in search of it……  Will her past help her future?

For me, the book was enthralling, atmospheric, tear jerking, with subtle twists.

I can not wait to find out the remaining sisters stories.



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