My review of – By Force Of Instinct.

Most books that l read have me hooked, but this book -By Force Of Instinct- has me so hooked that l never want it to end.  I was not even at the end of the first chapter before l became completly and utterly enthralled in its spell.  l want to be greedy and read it in one sitting, but l feel l need to savour every word and take my time.

It takes nothing away from Jane Austens’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’  and the love story of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, but it gives another variation of the story, which too is truly believable, whilst being fully respectful of the period of time it was written for.  As well as being full of twists and turns, taking you through many emotions and turmoils, you will find it contains tasteful touch of spice.

You find out more about the handsome Mr Darcy……What l would not give to be Elizabeth Bennet!

This book is magically entertaining, full of prose (which l love to read), it will captivate you from the start – especially if you can not get enough of Mr Darcy- it will transport you to your most dreamiest of ‘Jane Austen/Mr Darcy‘ places of escapism, and the magnetism it has will keep you there.

I know one thing for sure, my copy is for keeps and l will not be parting with it – ever!