My Family, and The Rare Medical Condition.

So, it seems that if you have this rare medical condition, you must also have special needs, according to those in the educational system.

The lack of knowledge regarding this medical condition seems to make everyone panic!

My child does not have learning problems/special needs, but has a physical disability that it only noticeable when having an episode.

Therefore sending my child to a “special” taster day for further education is not what is needed.  To be sat there making grass-heads, please this was done and dusted in pre-school.   We are now embarking on our G.C.S.E’s.  With school reports reporting that we are on the right track,  grades wise, what cause was there for this today?  I am at a loss to understand why.

With this rare condition physical help is what is required during episodes, educationally we are sound!!!  More understanding is required!!!



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